Upon purchasing tickets from this website you will receive a receipt from Innovative Werks, Inc. 

Innovative Werks, Inc. is the approved vendor that is currently running the registration for the ILSAMP 2020 Spring Conference. Buying a ticket is equivalent to registering for the conference.

The information that you provide during registration will be used to print out your badges. Please ensure that the information is accurate.

Please note the following about registering multiple people at one time:

  1. The confirmation email goes to the person whose name is in the first field so you must put your own name in the first field so that the receipt comes to you.
  2. Everyone you register will receive their own login credentials which will be sent to the email address(es) entered during registration. Please have those you register to check their respective email accounts for that information but keep in mind that if it is not an account they check regularly ( i.e. their university account) you may need to tell them to check the one you used. If it is still not readily seen, have them check their spam folder and confirm the correct email address was entered.
  3. If you have already registered yourself and need to go back to register others, use your own login information and register them from your account after signing in.
No tickets available or tickets have expired!